by Incubus
08 Feb 2011, 05:18
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Topic: Arisa
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<r><QUOTE author="bluerasberry16 @ Feb 8 2011, 01:38 AM"><s>[quote="bluerasberry16 @ Feb 8 2011, 01:38 AM"]</s> Thank you sooooo much for the new chapter! I couldn't help but notice that this series is going to be dropped? I found some raws, however they are on this website so I don't think that it'...
by Incubus
21 Jun 2010, 02:14
Forum: Manga & Anime
Topic: Favorite Manga Genres
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^ Same here. Tragedies breaks my heart. Mangas are suppose to be fun & entertaining for me :D I read mostly romance, comedy, psychological, and smut. I can read anything if it's interesting (:
by Incubus
19 Jun 2010, 18:27
Forum: Introduction
Topic: uhhh...
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^ That's naughty.

HAHA, well I'm Heather (: Welcome to the team.
by Incubus
10 Jun 2010, 02:32
Forum: Introduction
Topic: hi
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<t>Seems like everyone's here. aha. Well, I'm Heather, so please don't call me by my username T___T I can't honestly say that I don't bite, but I'll try my best not to sound mean ... but I tend to do so when I disagree with you. But I'm a pretty chill person so don't be afraid to talk to me ! (: I l...
by Incubus
04 Jun 2010, 04:15
Forum: Manga & Anime
Topic: What Do You Look at First?
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I usually look at the art first because I like having something nice to look at. Then I read the summary.
by Incubus
03 Jun 2010, 00:00
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Your biggest pet peeves?
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<t>I have so much that I need to create a thread to vent in. <br/> <br/> - I hate people who stands in the hallways and acts like they have all the time in the world when you're trying to get to class. <br/> - Can kids be count as a pet peeve?<br/> - I hate people who taps, it's just irritating. Esp...
by Incubus
31 May 2010, 05:17
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Topic: Favorite Food
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I don't think I'll ever be able to get sick of KFC. lmao. I also love pasta, French cuisine and Mongolian beef is amazing ! Yaki Soba is also one of my favorite !
by Incubus
23 May 2010, 20:15
Forum: Artwork
Topic: my colouring.....
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you're amazing Kash ! I don't have enough patience to color anything!
by Incubus
16 May 2010, 17:40
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Topic: What's your favorite manga?
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<t>Not anime, but manga ! <br/> <br/> I have a looot since I'm a huge otaku. But I these are all I can think of from the top of my head. <br/> <br/> 1. Kodocha<br/> 2. Vampire Knight<br/> 3. ARISA<br/> 4. Dear My Girls <br/> 5. Charming Junkie<br/> <br/> yeaah, there's more but I just can't list all...
by Incubus
13 May 2010, 06:28
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Topic: Translators!
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<r>We are in need of Japanese and Chinese translators! Please sign up if you are interested in helping us out! Translators gets first priority in choosing projects.<br/> <br/> <B><s>[b]</s>Basic requirements; <e>[/b]</e></B><br/> - Must be fluent in English (This is really important)<br/> - Must be ...
by Incubus
13 May 2010, 06:03
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Topic: FAQ.
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<r><SIZE size="110"><s>[size=110]</s><COLOR color="red"><s>[color=red]</s><B><s>[b]</s>Frequently Asked Questions: <e>[/b]</e></B></COLOR><e>[/size]</e></SIZE><i>[/color]</i><br/> <br/> <B><s>[b]</s>1. How can I download the chapters?<e>[/b]</e></B><br/> - Chapters can be found in their respective p...
by Incubus
13 May 2010, 02:33
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<r><SIZE size="110"><s>[size=110]</s><COLOR color="red"><s>[color=red]</s><B><s>[b]</s>GENERAL RULES: <e>[/b]</e></B></COLOR><e>[/size]</e></SIZE><i>[/color]</i><br/> Please read the whole thing.<br/> <br/> <B><s>[b]</s>1. BE RESPECTFUL!<e>[/b]</e></B><br/> - That means DO NOT rush us on projects. W...