by sugarkitty
22 Apr 2011, 13:28
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Topic: Kill Tom
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By a strange twist of fate, Tom awakens and with a burst of adrenaline knocks the snake away with the anvil. However, he finds himself slowly sinking into a quicksand pit...
by sugarkitty
20 Jun 2010, 13:41
Forum: Discussion
Topic: What are you scared of?
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... bugs. > n > Creepy, crawly things. @ o @ Especially hairy ones. AND BIG ONES.

I'm scared of being alone in the dark, too. ; m ;
by sugarkitty
31 May 2010, 04:13
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Topic: Favorite Food
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<t>We~ell. This is probably in every other forum out there, but it's still a fun topic nonetheless (for me, anyway). Hm... As for me, I have lot. <33<br/> <br/> Pasta's one. All kinds~ Mostly tomato-based, though. : D I like sinigang (tamarind-soup? I dunno), which is a Filipino soup... and I like s...
by sugarkitty
30 May 2010, 08:17
Forum: Artwork
Topic: my colouring.....
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Wow, you're really good. 8DD

I especially like what you did w/ Naruto and Sasuke's eyes. o w o !
by sugarkitty
30 May 2010, 08:15
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Topic: Languages
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<t>So, just as the title states... What languages do you speak? Which is your native one? 8D ?<br/> <br/> I for one, speak three... or four. But I can only speak one fluently (English), lol. I also speak Filipino and Chinese, and tiny, tiny bit of Japanese. I'm trying to improve on my Japanese. ^ u ...
by sugarkitty
30 May 2010, 08:05
Forum: Manga & Anime
Topic: What's your favorite manga?
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I have a lot I like, lol. xDD

Well, I guess one that I really like is Beauty Pop... Charming Junkie's another one. 8D I liked Metamo Kiss a lot, too.

I also enjoyed some HMR works a lot, but I can't quite remember them all. ^ u ^ ;;