by totodoodoo
04 Jun 2010, 03:20
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Topic: What Do You Look at First?
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<t>Alright, when you are looking for a new series to read what is the first thing that you look for in one?<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> I'd say I first look for a series that is actually scanlated first... but let's not count that as an available option.<br/> <br/> The next thing the I look at is summary...
by totodoodoo
04 Jun 2010, 03:03
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Topic: Languages
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I can speak and write in English... and that's about it.

Of course, I will occasionally add in some Spanish every now...

Como aquí.
by totodoodoo
04 Jun 2010, 02:52
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Topic: Your Favorite Mangaka?
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<t>So, who are your favorite manga/manhwa/manhua author/illustrators?<br/> <br/> Ass for me, it's kinda hard to say, but here are a few that I like...<br/> TAKAHASHI Tsutomu<br/> IWAOKA Hisae<br/> KUBONOUCHI Eisaku<br/> UNITA Yumi<br/> YUKI Kaori<br/> KOMI Naoshi as a Oneshot author<br/> <br/> and I...
by totodoodoo
04 Jun 2010, 02:51
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Topic: What are you scared of?
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Fluffy bunnies with nasty, big, sharp, pointy teeth.

Isn't that obvious?
by totodoodoo
04 Jun 2010, 02:49
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Topic: Favorite Manga Genres
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So, what are the genres that you tend to gravitate to?

I prefer Seinen, Slice-of-life, Drama, and Action.
by totodoodoo
04 Jun 2010, 02:48
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Topic: What Was Your First Manga?
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Alright, as the title says... What was your first manga?

Mine was Naruto, because I heard that the anime was based off of it and that it was still ongoing.
by totodoodoo
04 Jun 2010, 02:35
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Topic: What Song Are You Listening to Right Now?
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So, post what you are listening to, and you must add a link to it.

Joe Jackson's Sunday Papers