by Valhallen
22 Feb 2013, 01:38
Forum: Artwork
Topic: Check out my deviantArt!! :)
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Ooooh. You have nice art. :)

Maybe you can draw credit pages for Titania! xD
by Valhallen
20 Feb 2013, 05:51
Forum: Discussion
Topic: How tall are you?
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I'm 153cm (5'0).
I wish I was a teensy bit taller - like say... around 160cm? But after reading Ustnap's post, I was thinking maybe I should be greatful for my tiny-ness. xD
by Valhallen
01 Feb 2013, 07:52
Forum: Akatsuki no Yona
Topic: Captain Gi-gan Fanclub
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Whoop, I wholeheartedly agree!!! I enjoyed her scenes, lol.

I think if she were younger, she would have been one of those incredibly tsundere high school girls. xD
by Valhallen
26 Jan 2013, 06:21
Forum: Dragon Zakura
Topic: Does anyone read this?
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I've QC'ed and PR'ed for this twice now, and although the art is discouraging, it does have really good pointers with relation to studies and stuff. :) It's very helpful!

I recommend it too.