by bbx
22 Jun 2010, 21:11
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Topic: Favorite Manga Genres
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I usually lean towards shoujo, yaoi and shounen. I like slice-of-life, romance and drama manga in both yaoi and shoujo, and well-drawn action for shounen.
by bbx
22 Jun 2010, 21:08
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Topic: What Do You Look at First?
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First art.
Then summaries.
Then check for scanlations.
Then reviews.
by bbx
22 Jun 2010, 21:02
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Topic: What are you scared of?
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- Terrified of heights. I was forced to do some rock climbing indoors, started crying halfway up there xD Plus it was really cold too! :X
- Bugs. Cankerworms, spiders, you name it. I just find them really scary xD
by bbx
22 Jun 2010, 20:59
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Topic: Your biggest pet peeves?
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<r>Passing the time all by my lonesome ~<br/> <br/> - Girls who put themselves down <I><s>[i]</s>after<e>[/i]</e></I> they receive a compliment. "You're pretty" "NO I'M SO UGLY!!!! *RAAAGE*" xD<br/> - Your vs. You're. I'm not a grammar nazi, but I just wanna go ballistic when someone does this xD.<b...