by happypengu
23 Dec 2015, 23:15
Forum: Manga & Anime
Topic: Favourite Anime Openings
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I loved Kekkai Sensen's opening!
by happypengu
23 Dec 2015, 23:11
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Topic: Your favorite Live Action
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Live actions seem to be kinda, not that good I guess. I remember watching the High School Debut live action, and I never finished it. Maybe I lost interest? :P
by happypengu
23 Dec 2015, 23:00
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Topic: Manga or Anime?
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<t>I usually like the art better in manga, but it's understandable that the character designs in anime may not be as good as the manga. Anime is great with color and voice actors. The voice actors really bring the manga to life! But with the manga, you could get to the characters better because the ...
by happypengu
23 Dec 2015, 22:56
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Topic: Release Rates
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Once a month! I'm used to waiting once a month so it's not bad at all haha It'll be something to look forward to every month.
by happypengu
23 Dec 2015, 22:54
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Topic: What anime are you watching now?
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Only watching Gintama right now, and it is fabulous!! I haven't been watching any recent anime lately; there's just nothing of interest. But the upcoming winter season's looking good, so maybe I'll find a few to watch then!! :D
by happypengu
23 Dec 2015, 22:52
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Topic: What Was Your First Manga?
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My first one was probably Instant Teen: Just Add Nuts, or so I think. I actually can't really remember XD Though it was probably a shoujo manga :P
by happypengu
23 Dec 2015, 22:50
Forum: Drama/Movies
Topic: kdramas?
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I occasionally watch kdramas, but not too often haha. I found one called Oh My Venus and have been watching that, and it's good so far!
by happypengu
23 Dec 2015, 22:48
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Topic: otome games
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<r>Have you heard of the website englishotomegames? There's a list of free and commercial otome games that you can use to find some in english <E>:)</E><br/> <br/> I really liked otome games when I first found out about them, but lately I haven't been playing any for some reason. I did play Amnesia,...
by happypengu
29 Nov 2015, 06:59
Forum: Introduction
Topic: Hello!
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Hay there! Nice to meet you, too! We all share a fabulous common interest don't we? (if we're talking about the same thing haha ;;;;;)
by happypengu
29 Nov 2015, 06:57
Forum: Introduction
Topic: Hey everyone
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Hi there! Yassss, after I've found out about anime, I've also gotten hooked! The world of anime has really consumed me, and I don't think I'll ever be able to get away from the hold it has on me haha
by happypengu
29 Nov 2015, 06:55
Forum: Introduction
Topic: Hi!
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Hey, same situation as you (and seemingly the others here too XD)! Aaaah, I've been checking for news for a while now, too! Glad to see Titania Scans are back :D
by happypengu
29 Nov 2015, 06:53
Forum: General Rules & Updates
Topic: Akatsuki no Yona release changes
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Thanks for continuing to translate AnY! Really, thank you!! I really am excited, though, to be able to own the manga in English even though it's still a year away from the release orz
by happypengu
29 Nov 2015, 06:46
Forum: Akatsuki no Yona
Topic: Request for permission.
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Oooh, it's always nice to see colored pages of manga. Good luck with the coloring!