by tacchan
02 Jan 2016, 07:27
Forum: Drama/Movies
Topic: Drama (TV series) last seen or currently watching?
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My last watched drama is Game of Thrones season 5.
by tacchan
02 Jan 2016, 07:19
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Do you read VNs?
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My first VN is recommended from my friend (boy) and it's Katawa Shoujo :')
by tacchan
02 Jan 2016, 07:14
Forum: Discussion
Topic: What is normal?
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Maybe you're just an introvert, that's okay though :)
by tacchan
02 Jan 2016, 07:12
Forum: Discussion
Topic: How old are you
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I'm 21 :D

But I guess most of AnY fans are female.
by tacchan
02 Jan 2016, 07:08
Forum: Drama/Movies
Topic: kdramas?
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Sometimes I watch them if it's interesting. The last that I watched is Kill Me Heal Me.
by tacchan
02 Jan 2016, 07:05
Forum: Games
Topic: Any Interesting Games You've Played Recently?
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Recently I'm playing Road Not Taken :P
by tacchan
02 Jan 2016, 07:01
Forum: Games
Topic: Preferred gaming platform
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I prefer PC, cause I can use emulator lol.
by tacchan
02 Jan 2016, 07:00
Forum: Games
Topic: Harvest Moon, anyone?
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I used to play Friends of Mineral Town and More Friends of Mineral Town with VBA emulator.

But I really looking forward with the upcoming android platform.
by tacchan
29 Nov 2015, 08:43
Forum: Discussion
Topic: What are you scared of?
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Insects ><
by tacchan
29 Nov 2015, 08:41
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Favorite Food
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I love everything! But my currently favorite food is salmon sashimi, I used to hate it though ahaha
by tacchan
29 Nov 2015, 08:39
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Languages
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My native language is Indonesian. But learned English at 6. My parents and school made me learn Arabic, Mandarin, Germany, French too, but I'm too lazy to learn lol. I tried to learn Japanese by myself, but yeah I'm too lazy :(
by tacchan
29 Nov 2015, 08:36
Forum: Discussion
Topic: How did you find out about Titania
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Because Titania Scans is the best group scanlating Akatsuki no Yona, thank you!
by tacchan
29 Nov 2015, 08:33
Forum: Drama/Movies
Topic: Last Movie Seen
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My last movie that I've seen is Holmes. It's about Sherlock Holmes in his old days struggling with dementia.

The plot is a boring, but the logic is awesome.
by tacchan
29 Nov 2015, 08:27
Forum: Manga & Anime
Topic: Favorite Manga Genres
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It's hard to choose :" But probably my most favorite genre is romance
by tacchan
29 Nov 2015, 08:17
Forum: Introduction
Topic: Hi
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My name is tacchan.

Thank you very much for all Titania Scans' staff for scanlating AnY ><

Nice to meet you all <3