by Nipah
23 Dec 2015, 22:14
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Favorite Food
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I like steamed fish! :P
by Nipah
23 Dec 2015, 22:13
Forum: Music
Topic: Do any of you follow Jpop at all?
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I've been listening to Vocaloid music lately... Some of the songs are really addictive!
by Nipah
23 Dec 2015, 22:06
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Miss Universe 2015
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I've never watched shows like Miss/Mr Universe, but that kind of incident must have been really embarrassing (yet funny for me though). Congrats to the winner though!
by Nipah
30 Nov 2015, 16:46
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Do you read VNs?
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<r>Visual novels are my favourite genre of games! My favourite is Umineko no Naku Koro Ni (though the anime adaptation is bad <E><_<</E> ) and Danganronpa series.<br/> <br/> Does any of you read VNs too? There are a lot of types of VNs, like eroge, otome and BL, so let us all know what you normally ...
by Nipah
30 Nov 2015, 16:40
Forum: Akatsuki no Yona
Topic: Favourite Character
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My favourite would be Yoon and Zeno. I like how they give off a 'naive' aura :lol:
by Nipah
30 Nov 2015, 16:38
Forum: Manga & Anime
Topic: What Do You Look at First?
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My first impression would always be the art (visual), but I tend to drop a series if the plot is not up to my tastes.
by Nipah
30 Nov 2015, 16:35
Forum: Manga & Anime
Topic: Manga or Anime?
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Manga for me, since nowadays I don't have much time to watch anime anymore :D
by Nipah
30 Nov 2015, 16:32
Forum: Discussion
Topic: What are you scared of?
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kwri @ Nov 30 2015, 01:46 PM wrote: darkness.
Same here!
by Nipah
30 Nov 2015, 16:29
Forum: Music
Topic: What Song Are You Listening to Right Now?
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Fake Life Game - Gumi
by Nipah
30 Nov 2015, 16:26
Forum: Manga & Anime
Topic: What Was Your First Manga?
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My first manga would be Eyeshield 21 iirc.
by Nipah
30 Nov 2015, 16:25
Forum: Manga & Anime
Topic: Your Top 5 Mangas
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It was a rather hard choice, but here's my top 5 in no particular order:
1. Akatsuki no Yona
2. Pandora Hearts
3. Hunter x Hunter
4. Ib - Instant Bullet
5. Death Note