by Roxy6681
01 Jan 2016, 21:49
Forum: Music
Topic: Favorite male singer
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I have two favorite male singers at the moment, and it's like literally impossible for me to choose between the two! They are the singers from Bastille and Imagine Dragons. <3 Seriously, every single song I hear from either of them I love!
by Roxy6681
01 Jan 2016, 21:45
Forum: Music
Topic: What Song Are You Listening to Right Now?
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Right now I'm listening to Blue Eyes Blind by ZZ Ward. I've really been liking this artist lately. She has some really awesome kick butt songs.
by Roxy6681
01 Jan 2016, 21:43
Forum: Manga & Anime
Topic: Your Top 5 Mangas
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Man, this list was soooo hard to decide! So many awesome manga's out there. But I think that these would probably be my top 5.

1. Skip Beat
2. Gakuen Alice
3. Keishichou Tokuhanka
4. Akatsuki no Yona
5. Koi Dano Ai Dano
by Roxy6681
01 Jan 2016, 21:39
Forum: Manga & Anime
Topic: What Was Your First Manga?
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Like a lot of people on here my first manga was Naruto. I first saw the anime, and then realized that it was actually based off a manga. Which at the time I had no idea what that was. My mind was totally blown away! :blink: