by Amaya
19 Jan 2016, 06:15
Forum: Artwork
Topic: Favorite artists?
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Sakimi-chan is probably the only artist I follow these days. I used to follow pixiv artists as well, but I haven't had the time these days... ;A;
by Amaya
19 Jan 2016, 06:09
Forum: Drama/Movies
Topic: Koizora
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Watched both the drama and the Movie (movie first though).
I cried a lot. ;~;
by Amaya
19 Jan 2016, 06:08
Forum: Drama/Movies
Topic: kdramas?
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I haven't watched K-dramas in a long time! But my friend recommended "Misaeng" to me the other day, so maybe I'll get back into it soon. :P
by Amaya
19 Jan 2016, 06:03
Forum: Music
Topic: What Song Are You Listening to Right Now?
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Listening to Cake & Ouji from HoneyWorks play Mama (acoustic)! It sounds amazing! :D
by Amaya
19 Jan 2016, 05:59
Forum: Drama/Movies
Topic: Drama (TV series) last seen or currently watching?
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I don't watch a lot of TV shows these days, but I am watching Arrow, The Flash, Shadow Hunters: The Mortal Instruments, Once upon a time, and Pretty Little Liars (don't ask why, lol. Just seeing how this wreck ends XD).
by Amaya
19 Jan 2016, 05:57
Forum: Drama/Movies
Topic: Last Movie Seen
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It was sensational! It had the feel of the first trilogy (IV-VI) AND the original cast as well. ^^
by Amaya
19 Jan 2016, 05:46
Forum: Akatsuki no Yona
Topic: Why there are no female dragon warriors?
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I'm just thinking that we may have not been introduced to a female dragon warrior yet... But I agree with you there, the-sui. I think the dragon blood chooses the most suitable candidate, one who can carry the weight and burden the powers possess--not just physically, but mentally as well.
by Amaya
19 Jan 2016, 05:43
Forum: Akatsuki no Yona
Topic: Favorite Dragon?
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<t>Shin-ah is my favourite (followed closely by Jae-ha XD). Adorableness aside, I think his back story made me like him even more (and feel a whole bunch of sadness with it!). The way he didn't let what the other villagers did to him and his predecessors get to him and still be respectful to them......
by Amaya
19 Jan 2016, 05:35
Forum: Forum Games
Topic: Chain Questions
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Hmm, I'd have to say "Don't dream it's over" by Crowded House. There's something uplifting and motivating about this song that makes me never get tired of listening to it. XD

Which do you prefer: DC or Marvel?
by Amaya
19 Jan 2016, 05:30
Forum: Manga & Anime
Topic: Longest time you spend watching anime
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About 10 hours...? I watched Kaichou wa Maid Sama from dusk to dawn. XD
by Amaya
19 Jan 2016, 05:20
Forum: Games
Topic: otome games
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I haven't played Otome games in years! But from what I can remember, Hakuouki and Amnesia were my favourites. Voltage's Kiss of Revenge was pretty good too, so I played most of their other games as well. ^^;;
by Amaya
19 Jan 2016, 05:16
Forum: Manga & Anime
Topic: Favourite Anime Openings
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Hmm, tough. I think two of my top favourites at the moment--since I can't pick between them--is "Hologram" from FMA:B and "&#29378;&#20081; Hey Kids!!" from Noragami Aragoto. ^^