by HikariGo
16 Aug 2016, 15:07
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Topic: Similar series?
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<t>Akagami no Shirayuki-hime is the only one that comes to mind at the moment, and not because of the red-haired female protagonists either.<br/> <br/> It is just the general feel, you get when reading both manga, that is why it is so easy to compare the two, and recommend one to fans of the other.<...
by HikariGo
16 Aug 2016, 14:55
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Topic: "IF" Hak doesn't exist, Who will you ship to Yona?
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<t>Akatsuki no Yona without Hak would be a very different and much poorer manga.<br/> <br/> To answer the question though, Tae-Jun or Jae-ha are probably the top alternatives, with me ruling out the other dragons just off their personalities and I refuse to support a Yona x Soo-Won romance, due to m...
by HikariGo
16 Aug 2016, 14:50
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Topic: Where is this story going?
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<t>I always seemed to picture the story getting to the point where Soo-Won achieves his goal of uniting Kouka as a strong nation, but he will be betrayed and die by at Kye-Sook's hands. Yona, Hak and the Dragons will then defeat the final enemy and Yona will ascend to the throne as Queen, with Hak a...
by HikariGo
16 Aug 2016, 14:23
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Topic: Another Theory on Hak
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<t>I just don't think the author could go there, with Hak dying, not in this type of manga.<br/> <br/> That is not saying that I don't expect some major characters to die, perhaps Soo-Won (who has tragic hero/anti-hero written all over him) or if he does actually die, perhaps Zeno will somehow lose ...
by HikariGo
16 Aug 2016, 14:19
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Topic: Cofession
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<t>I really don't know how I want the Hak and Yona romance to be resolved.<br/> <br/> I mean Hak has clearly had feelings for Yona ever since childhood, and has made obvious his feelings for her, despite Yona's cluelessness.<br/> <br/> Therefore I would think it should be Yona to make the move, to s...
by HikariGo
16 Aug 2016, 14:11
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Topic: Do you want Yona to have special power or ability?
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<t>Totally agree with the majority opinion that Yona should not have any special power.<br/> <br/> The whole plot of the manga has pretty much revolved around Yona's character development from a weak and naive princess, to an independent, strong and understanding character to prepare her for when sh...
by HikariGo
16 Aug 2016, 14:04
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Topic: Akayona US Release
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<t>I know that the first volume, has just been released by VIZ, but are there any sales figures out there already?<br/> <br/> I know that this manga should have a strong cross-gender appeal and fanbase in the West, but with the number of volumes in the series I hope it has really strong numbers, so ...
by HikariGo
16 Aug 2016, 13:54
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Topic: Do you ship Suwon and Yona?
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<t>Honestly, at the beginning even after seeing him kill her father, I thought that revelations later in the manga may make sense of his actions, and allow a relationship to develop, despite her growing feelings for Hak.<br/> <br/> Now, it seems the author is all aboard the YonaxHak train and even p...
by HikariGo
16 Aug 2016, 13:46
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Topic: Dear unprofessional dumbasses at Titania scans
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Nothing really to complain about, with other groups also releasing the manga if they want to read it elsewhere.

I know for me, I am happy to be active in the forums if I can continue to read Titania's great releases.