by Choco_Pudding
28 Aug 2017, 20:53
Forum: Games
Topic: Any Interesting Games You've Played Recently?
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Do rhythm games count? I've been playing love live since Valentines 2016 and still haven't stopped! As long as they keep releasing new songs and cards, I'm in.
by Choco_Pudding
28 Aug 2017, 20:49
Forum: Music
Topic: What Song Are You Listening to Right Now?
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Binetsu kara Mystery from Love Live!... (Lily White, to be exact, but no one knows enough about LL here to know what that means, probably)
by Choco_Pudding
28 Aug 2017, 20:48
Forum: Music
Topic: Vocaloid anyone?
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I love utaite stuff! So naturally, I also like the vocaloid music utaite tends to stem from. Kradness and Reol are my favourite utaite, and in general I like Honeyworks and mafumafu songs. I also really like Kaito when he's tuned right.
by Choco_Pudding
28 Aug 2017, 20:42
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Topic: Books
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I haven't read anything recently for English books, though I recently purchased the first volume of Harry Potter and am planning to get around to reading it "sometime"™. I also really like Hakushaku to Yousei, but as I'm sure you can guess from the title, that's not English.
by Choco_Pudding
28 Aug 2017, 20:39
Forum: Discussion
Topic: How did you find out about Titania
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I'm pretty sure that I found out about you guys through Akatsuki no Yona, like everyone else, but I've known about it for way longer than most of the people still trying to make the post count, I think. I've been a fan since May 2012!
by Choco_Pudding
28 Aug 2017, 20:21
Forum: Manga & Anime
Topic: What anime are you watching now?
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Currently watching Made in Abyss! The fact that in can be abbreviated to MIA is a fun little in-joke with my friends, too.
by Choco_Pudding
28 Aug 2017, 20:06
Forum: Manga & Anime
Topic: What Was Your First Manga?
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My first manga ever was genkaku picasso, and my first shoujo manga was st. dragon girl. What a long time ago that was! (Posting on these dead boards still feels so weird)
by Choco_Pudding
28 Aug 2017, 19:53
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Topic: Hi I guess
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<t>Hi! Just your friendly neighbourhood noob, dropping in to post an introduction.<br/> <br/> Introductions are somewhat hard to do when you can't post your name or age, so I guess I'll just babble about my interests for a bit:<br/> <br/> I love reading, cats, swimming, and most crafts, including se...